Special for Offshore

The length of the ladder (top to bottom) shall sufficient to reach 2 meter below the lowest water level from the tie-down point, with at least 1 meter long rope provision from the first rung for tie-down purpose. The tie-down ends shall have eyes spliced with thimbles.

The side rope on each side of the ladder shall be of 12mmØ synthetic, with inherent high resistance material to withstand the deteriorating effect of UV radiation. The rope diameter shall be suitable to provide hand grip and slip free escape. 

The rope ladder shall have a minimum Proof Load of 1,000 kg at one loading on ladder. the rope shall be of single rung per step construction. 

The rung of the rope ladder shall 460mm length x 32mmØ, with 2 holes drillled parallel to each other in the groove. Both side of rope secure by metal holding pin to prevent the rung slipping out and both ends of the side rope shall be spliced forming a crown knot to prevent rope from fraying. 

Can be made to the desired Length. (up to 30 meter)